History of Logan High School

Logan Junior High School was built in 1921 at the corner of Logan and Avon Streets. In 1928 an addition was added making it possible for north side La Crosse residents to attend their own senior high school. From 1928 to 1958, Logan was a junior-senior high school, grades 7-12. In 1958 the construction of another school on the same block made it possible to divide the school into Logan Junior High, grades 7-9, and Logan Senior High, grades 10-12.

In August, 1979, the new Logan Senior High School was completed near Swanson Field on Ranger Drive. Logan High became a four year high school (grades 9-12) in 1980 with the reorganization of the district and creation of middle schools.

Construction pict Two classroom additions have been added due to increased enrollment. A multi-purpose addition was finished in the fall of 1997, which provides music and athletic practice and performance facilities.

Logan High School is named in honor of John Alexander Logan (1826-1886) Civil War General, U.S. Senator, and founder of the Memorial Day Holiday.

Logan's athletic teams are called the "Rangers" in honor of Captain Robert Rogers' Rangers, a band of American frontier scouts who served with the British Army during the French and Indian War.

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